Principal's Address :
Mrs. Shital Mahadeo Bhosale

Since our establishment in 2011 ,We have Welcomed student from Pune district and encircling from parts of states of Maharastra, and provided for them a challenging and fulfilling learning experience. I congratulate you all; on your rightful decision of joining this premier educational institution of quality education. Our mission is “Education for strength, wisdom & intellectual” and to inculcate the Universal Human Values Of Education .We dream and strive for your higher, stronger and brighter tomorrow. I am proud to mention that most of our low ranking students who joined our institute in the initial years finished with creditable higher ranks and distinction and have achieved respectable position in various sectors to serve and build our nation and society.

I encourage you to become a part of Jadhavar institute and let Jadhavar institute become a part of you. Welcome and best wishes for this new phase of your lives and careers. In doing so, you have opened for yourself a window that would give you access to eminence opportunity thereby leading to vast channels of gainful settlements in life.

It is the fact that education is primary instrument of change, development and progress which stimulates the mind and incubates the habit of critical thinking. Our aim in this institution is not merely to impart knowledge but also to develop the overall personality with holistic approach thus enabling the students to excel in different walks of life.

We have adequate infrastructure with computer lab, Chemistry Lab, Class rooms, open auditorium, seminar/conference hall, enriched partially digitalized library with internet facilities .Student personality and extracurricular activities are groomed with help of student's council and cultural activities. We are proud of strong team of highly qualified, loyal and dedicated teaching and non teaching staff. I assure you of a very conducive environment and positive ambiences which help you develop your potential to the fullest.

Our college has been a hub of many student based activities of achievements and excellence both by students and staff. All these have been possible because of continuous motivational guidance, inspiration, blessings and corporative support from our beloved President Hon. Dr. Sudhakar Jadhavar, Vice-President Mr. Shardul Sudhakar Jadhavar authorities, office bearers, Members and Secretary Mrs. Surekha Jadhavar. I would like to gratefully acknowledge the hard work and efforts of all the teaching and non teaching staff members who have worked tirelessly with passion and commitment along with all the students, parents, and alumni and Jadhavar institute lovers, in reaching our goals on the path of excellence.

I wish you very meaningful, satisfying and enjoyable learning experience.